Look up copyrights and works in Vietnam

Why should I look up copyright before registering?

– Through the lookup; the author, the copyright holder will evaluate the protectionability of the work. From there, the author, the copyright owner will consider; and decide whether to apply for protection of the work or not?

– This search will help authors and copyright holders be more confident about the ability to protect their works thereby saving time; owner’s effort and money.

– The search will help authors and copyright holders evaluate their works to be similar; or coincide with another’s protected work? Or does my work infringe the intellectual property rights of others? Where his works are similar; or coincide with another’s protected work, the owner should consider whether to request the cancellation of the copyright registration certificate or not?

Instructions on how to look up copyright

To conduct a copyright search; You can do a search on the Copyright Office’s database.

How to look up copyright: You can do a search on the Internet database system; by works that may have been posted on this database by the author, the copyright holder. To do a copyright lookup, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare necessary documents and documents

Step 2:  Visit website: www.cov.gov.vn/tra-cuu-nien-giam to conduct a search according to the instructions of the Copyright Office and receive the results.

– Dossier to look up copyrights, which need to be prepared include the following papers and documents:

+ The copyright name should be looked up;

+ The type of work you intend to copyright;

+ General information about the type of work used to look up (images, sounds, content…).

*Note:  Online search results are for reference only and are not completely accurate. You should authorize the lawyer of TGS Law Firm to do the search. With our own experience and search portal, we guarantee the fastest and most accurate lookup within 01-02 working days.

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